Temporary Exhibition

40 years: Remembering the victims of S-21

In August 2019 the museum opened an exhibition “40 years: Remembering the victims of S-21”. Not long after the liberation of Phnom Penh on the 7 th January 1979 the site was uncovered and soon transferred into a site to investigate and reveal the crimes of the Khmer Rouge all over the country. The exhibition tells the story of the site and the archives in five parts: School (1962-1975), Prison (1976-1979), Museum (since 1979), Archives & Justice and Remembrance. The focus of the exhibition is on the early years of the museum and how the archives have been cared for over 40 years and have been able to contribute to memory and justice in Cambodia. The exhibition is shown in Building B on the second floor. The catalogue “Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum 40 years: Remembering the victims of S-21” (150 pages) is available in Khmer and English for purchase at the entrance.



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